Love & Sex... they can go together or tear each other to pieces. We're here to help. Find all the info you need in the links below. We've tried to make sure nothing we present here is TOO lewd... and if a little raunch is necessary to the topic, we try to warn you upfront. Content in this section is not intended for persons under the age of 18. Please view and use this info at your own risk!

Undercover Condoms - Best condom online retailer, lowest prices, discreet shipping and billing.
SexToyWarehouse - discreet shipping and billing for all your fuzzy handcuff, edible panties, etc...
Free Condoms - simply click on the links they require, and they'll send you free condoms.
Condoms Review - Learn the differences and find links to the best prices on condoms.

Health Issues
Sexuality Bytes
   This Australian site prides itself on providing "matter-of-fact detail about all aspects of sex and sexual health, with no sensationalism or value judgements." Includes info on sex, foreplay, problems, sexuality, and also hosts a weekly chat.
Planned Parenthood
   No-nonsense info from a respected source.
The Sexual Health Infocenter
   Lots and lots of interesting sex content, including guides to better and safer sex, weekly quizzes and tips, std info and more.
   Learn more about the risks and responsibilities of being sexually active.

Sex Advice
Mayo Clinic Sexual Health Center
   Useful info on many sexual topics from this reputable health care provider.
Dr. Ruth Online
   We couldn't very well have a sexual advice section and not include Dr. Ruth! This nutty chick always has something interesting to say...
   Sign up for their free daily sex tip email list, or get some general information.
Savage Love by Dan Savage
   Raunchy, irreverent advice from savage Dan Savage... though you can usually glean some useful bits from admidst the vulgarity.
Anne and Cathy's Homepage
   These two girls wrote the book on sex... literally! Their The New Good Vibrations Guide to Sex is considered by many to be the best sex manual EVER.
Adult Advice for Sex and Relationships
   A UCLA trained sex therapist, Dr Don offers free audio answers to sexual questions and counseling for intimacy and relationship problems.
Sex Clinique
   Ask experts for FREE sexual information and advice.
   Innovative contraceptives from around the world for men and women delivered to you.

Techniques,Accessories, & Aphrodisiacs
Erotic Massage Techniques by
   This is a tasteful site about the many different kinds of massages. You can also get to the homepage from here, which has even more advice on sex!'s Masturbation Tips
   Non-pornographic information to describe ways you might not have thought of.
Sex Tips
   Get all the advice you need from
The Sensual Massage
   Less-racy presentation of various erotic massage manuevers.
The Backrub FAQ
   Extensive information on REAL massage (Swedish, theraputic)... good info to get started on!
Erotic Food
   Decent little site outlining some of the more popular erotic foods throughout history.
   Discreet shipping and billing for all your fuzzy handcuff, edible panties, etc... needs.
Condom Reviews
   Great condom resource, so you can find the best prices at various sites...

Humor & Fun
The Erotic Movie Compendium
   Lists and reviews/ratings of erotic movies released over the last 10 years.
The Sex Thermometer
   Java-powered sex thermometer lets you check out your sexual compatibility with your partner using your names. Nifty little machine!
Zecrets: Erotic E-Zine for Women
   Sexual fun and info for women. Includes 'real men' pictures, chats, polls, and a somewhat disturbing 'choose your perfect hunk' postcard feature.
Internet Adult Film Database
   Extensive listing of erotic movies made since 1989.
World Sexual Records
   Want to know the name of the earliest Aphrodesiac or who holds the world record for the most orgasms? Find out here!

Sex and the Internet
Internet Sex Article Index
   Listing of articles about the Internet and its impact on our sexual lives.

Not for the Timid. Seriously 18+ over only
Adult DVD Movies
   Review of adult dvd online retailers.

The Celibate FAQ
   Questions and answers about living without sex... a valid choice in these dangerous times.

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