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Drew Barrymore: Happily Ever After At Last?
  Typical of a strong Pisces, Drew Barrymore is drawn less to traditional good looks and more to an "offbeat" quality and a slightly wounded M.O. The goofy Tom Green seems to fit the bill.
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Meg Ryan in the Middle
  Scorpio actress Meg Ryan is making headlines for her breakup with Dennis Quaid, and her new romance with Russell Crowe.
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Napster: The Music Industry Revolution
  Napster represents the shift in digital media distribution, including music, film and publishing. The way we access these is about to change.
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The Soul Mate Zone
  Did you know that astrology functions as a matchmaking tool? Here are some tips to find your soul mate.
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Picture Perfect Couple: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
  Hollywood glamour reached a peak this summer when Jennifer Aniston married Brad Pitt. There is something more warm than hot between these two that makes their relationship tick.
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