The Dating Doctor is pleased to feature the dating wisdom of the "Dating Doctor," David D. Coleman. In addition to his insightful column featured here, The Dating Doctor is the author of the award-winning "Creative Dating" program.

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When Love Hurts
Before Breaking It Off, Consult "The List"
Dating Your Roommate's Ex Is Playing With Fire
Kiss-Off Quotes Send a Hidden Message
Horrible At Gift Buying? Here's Help!
If You Have to Ask, You're Not Ready!
When Raid Makes the Best Perfume
Why We Attract "Control Freaks"
Be Cautious With Cyber Relationships
Don't Let Your Ex Ruin It For Your Next
Food Can Be Sexy
A Bushel, A Peck, A Kisser You'd Like To Deck!
More Kissers Who Couldn't Cut It!
Make Kissing Count
Good Responses for Bad Pickup Lines
How to Spot a Lie!

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