Horrible At Gift Buying? Here's Help!

Dear Dating Doctor:
I have always failed miserably when it comes to buying gifts for women. I don't want to blow this one. Please help me!
Facing Failure Again

Dear Facing Failure: For my male brethren, I went directly to the source, women, to uncover the latest trends in female gift procurement. Here are ten rules to follow that will ensure a satisfied ladylove.

  • 1. Never buy a gift, which infers that at some point she will be doing work for you.
    Examples: Haircutting shears, a universal remote control, a stick-free saucepan.

  • 2. Avoid gift certificates. They are impersonal and always appear to be an after-thought. If you choose this route, make sure to purchase an adequate spending amount for the Type of store chosen.
    Example: A $20 gift certificate won't go very far at Sacks Fifth Avenue.

  • 3. Remember, it is not the size or cost of the gift that matters, but the thought and care behind the offering.
    Examples: Breakfast in bed, or cookies & milk coupled with a story and a kiss at bedtime.

  • 4. Make sure to write her name correctly on the card and not the name of your ex(OOPS!).

  • 5. Take a look back at the last few gifts she purchased for you. These will indicate her giving-receiving comfort level.
    Example: If she bought you a $50 watch, don't buy her a $250 necklace.

  • 6. When in doubt, err in the direction of romance.
    Example: A spontaneous and unexpected night out beats a dozen roses anytime.

  • 7. And speaking of roses, give her just one and present it at a time and place when it will be totally unexpected. Pick yellow, pink, or white (anything but red or black). Be unique and creative.

  • 8. Never buy a gift, which indicates that she needs to be in better condition.
    Example: Any abdominal machine, or a lifetime membership to Jenny Craig.

  • 9. Make a mutual decision to forgo presents and make a difference with the money.
    Example: Shop for food and take it to a food bank. Serve those less fortunate than yourselves.

  • 10. Never bestow a gift that is breathing or one that should be and isn't!
    Example: A Puppy, plants or fish (alive). A fur, or floating fish (dead).

    Hope these helped. Good luck.

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